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Police pick people out of the crowd, then rush forward. Frightening. 

September 28th


“The Boxtrolls”: The Third Time’s Decidedly Less Charming For Laika Animation

How strange is it that the same year a corporate product placement exercise like The Lego Movie turns out to be a subversive masterpiece, an independent studio with a so-far outstanding track record creates something…


Last Dandy of the season this Saturday


Last Dandy of the season this Saturday


Iron Giant Costume


Iron Giant Costume



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Why isn’t anyone talking about this?

Watch non black cosplayers and lovers of cosplay stay silent on this.

This is horrible. Beyond horrible.

Is adherence to the law just optional for cops?

So why is tumblr giving Leigh Alexander a pass for wanting a “violent cultural backlash” against “hood men”


I guess if you say mean things about gamers and call yourself a feminist, you can sound like a goddamn BNP member on twitter and tumblr social justice won’t give a shit.

Probably because A) she’s mixed race (http://leighalexander.net/on-twerking-and-being-mixed-race/) and B) that tweet was 4 years ago and in the time since she’s reflected on internalized negative beliefs she used to have (https://twitter.com/leighalexander/status/512973167259049984, https://twitter.com/leighalexander/status/513305993196097536, https://twitter.com/leighalexander/status/513306593254199296).

Who Wants to Play Video Games?


Who Wants to Play Video Games?

So today is National Video Games Day. This would normally just be a fun little piece of trivia, yet this year it brings with it a whole host of weird feelings.

Video games are still cool. I don’t get to play as many as I’d want due to lack of time, money, and current consoles, but I’m always excited for the Humble Indie Bundle with its Mac-compatible downloads and a friend’s been getting me into

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Crowdfunding Corner: The Making of a Superhero Musical


Crowdfunding Corner: The Making of a Superhero Musical

In addition to writing about movies, I’m studying making them. I’m currently looking for funding for my senior project in film at Bard College.

More shocking than a giant octopus destroying Manhattan! More disastrous than Richard Nixon’s fourth term! More scandalous than betraying an American demigod! You will see, but you may not believe what our documentary crew has recorded in their exclusive…

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- popular gentile proverb