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"I have to go on another side journey here - there is some controversy over what color the ancient Egyptians were. I’m going to go out on a limb and say ‘Not the same color as Christian Bale, who is Welsh***," and the general consensus is two-fold: 1) the race of the Egyptians doesn’t actually matter in terms of their culture and history because skin tone wasn’t an issue in those days as it is now and 2) they were probably what we would call black or at the very least MIddle Eastern in appearance. They may have actually been a mixture of two peoples from different parts of Africa, even. 

While race didn’t matter at the time, it does now, and casting all white people as non-white people is problematic. Ridley Scott, a 76 year old man who grew up in a world where the historical epic tradition was actors with booming English accents wearing togas, probably never even thought about it. It likely never even crossed his mind that he might want to seek out people of color to play these people of color. He just stocked up on bronzer and cast Joel Edgerton in his movie instead.”

Great post. ‘Cept I like all those made-up pronouns. Not clear that folks who use them are trying to claim anything other than a way out of the gender binary.

Based on the sentence it seems the article’s talking about pronouns made up by cisgender otherkin to pretend that they’re like transgender people, not about pronouns used by non-binary people.

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These tweets consistently make me think really really hard about life.  It’s not comfortable but I like it.


These tweets consistently make me think really really hard about life.  It’s not comfortable but I like it.


just once i want to see a post about buddhists facing oppression in tibet derailed with “BUT THAT DOESN’T JUSTIFY BURMA!!!” just so i know that it’s not only us. 


Well, I guess it’s not just us Jews, since often right-wingers will derail Muslims complaining about Islamophobia by talking about some sort of bad Middle Eastern government as if that justifies Islamophobia. Yet another area of common ground for Jews and Muslims.

But yeah, sick of derailing in general. Happened just here in the comments thread of this article: http://badassdigest.com/2014/07/14/cinema-under-fire-a-report-from-the-jerusalem-film-festival/

Dawn of Apes, Dusk of Hope


Dawn of Apes, Dusk of Hope

Whenever a sci-fi action movie gets a sequel, it’s almost a given the director’s going to promote it saying “This is our Empire Strikes Back.” Empire‘s generally considered the golden standard for sequels and the high point of the Star Warsseries for a variety of reasons (the stop-motion wonder of the Battle of Hoth, the comic wisdom of Yoda, dialogue that doesn’t suck), but its biggest impact on…

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There Can Only Be One Homest

Homestar Runner ended around the time Homestuck began.

And with Homestuck going to end sometime soon, Homestar Runner will be beginning again.





I’m just saying, I think we all know who the best Jaeger pilot team would be.image



Past as Present: The Unnostalgic Nostalgiagasm of “Boyhood”


Past as Present: The Unnostalgic Nostalgiagasm of “Boyhood”

I hate nostalgia.

Let me clarify: I hate the idea that once everything in life was magically better and now everything sucks. I hate the idea that childhood was “easy”; being a kid is filled with difficulties when you’re a kid, and only now that you’ve already conquered those challenges and moved on to new ones does it seem easy to you now. I hate that 40-year-olds whine about today’s…

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this isn’t even a problem

ok this owl is cute

Something to keep in mind


When Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and other militant groups fire rockets at Israel, they’re firing rockets at people.  Not just the privileged, not just the people who are upholding the occupation, not just the people who vote for Netanyahu, not just the racists and oppressors.  

If you can’t bring yourself to care about Ashkenazi Jewish children sleeping in bomb shelters through air raid sirens, not knowing whether or not their home will still be there when they wake up, perhaps you might care about the Mizrahim who live in these same towns.  If you think Jewish life in itself is cheap, remember that ‘48 Palestinians live in these regions too, and attend the same schools that need to be kept closed because rockets keep falling on them.  Remember the migrant workers, the Eritreans and Sudanese who crossed the Sinai for a better life, huddled in shelters, too.  

Rockets don’t discriminate, even if you do.